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Mint is a tenacious plant that once established will quickly spread its roots the length of your garden and beyond. For this simple reason it tends to get a bad name and people shy away from it but mint actually has numerous health benefits as well.

Fresh mint is high in vitamin A, B12 and C. It also contains copper, iron and zinc to name just a few essential minerals found in this aromatic plant. This rich herb is known to help calm irritable bowels and heartburn. It also helps with bad breath, which is probably obvious, and is known for its ability to combat the growth of fungus.

Mint comes in a number of flavors. The borders of our vegetable and herb gardens are surrounded by chocolate mint but you can also purchase plants that range from pineapple to peppermint. As mentioned earlier mint is extremely aggressive and thus very easy to grow. Whether full sun or a forgotten crack in a walk-way mint will take advantage of the opportunity and thrive. It is a really great plant to grow if you have children. Since it does take off so rapidly kids feel an immediate sense of accomplishment and my kids love to graze on the flavorful leaves from early spring to late fall. Later in the year when it flowers the bees will show their gratitude as well.

Fresh from the garden it can be used in tea or even main dishes such as rice or lamb. It dries easily and stores rather well even if that means simply tying a few sprigs together and hanging them from the herb rack.

Another benefit of mint is that fleas supposedly can not stand the stuff. We began growing it around our dogs kennel after finding this out a year or two ago and it seems to have cut down on the problem.