From Seed To Harvest

Chamomile has been used for centuries by man to cure ailments. Basically there are two main types, german and roman chamomile. German chamomile tends to find its way into our american gardens. This relative of the daisy helps with nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting. This vigorous plant is generally recognized as a carminative, tonic and a sedative.

Chamomile tea is the prefered method of use. Personally I like a bit of local honey with mine to sweeten the drink a bit.

Most literature I have read on this tiny flower suggest sandy soil in well lit locations. In our neck of the woods which is southern New York State our soil is much more compact. This has never really posed a problem. I have also grown it in full sun as well as shady areas and once again neither has really presented itself to be much of an obstacle. The first year that we grew this herbal we placed seed directly in the dirt. We have not had to plant seed since. In our garden chamomile aggressively has taken root makes an appearance every year.

Once chamomile blooms in early summer you will be able to harvest the flowers until fall if you keep removing the yellow and white heads. It is easy to dry and store. Simply place the heads on a plate so that they are not touching one another and occasionally roll them over to make sure they are drying rather than rotting. Store in a baggy with your herbal teas and enjoy throughout the winter.


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